Birdman Tells Irv Gotti To Mind His Business!!

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Four years after Irv Gotti's Everyday Struggle interview where he spoke about his beef with Birdman, Birdman has finally responded.

"I'm jus seen this 🩸mind ur F*kin business I been a get money n*gga RG🦅," Birdman said, sharing a clip.

In the clip, Gotti says: "When it come to records and music – you know Hov is rich, he did other things. But if you're just talking records sales and record business? Cash Money by far the richest n*ggas. It's not even close. You saying that's your son? You've known this n*gga Weezy since he was 10,11. Cut the check."

Since that interview, Birdman has paid Weezy his money and the rapper has left Cash Money. In a recent interview, he revealed how much he paid each artist once Universal gave him a mega payout.


“When Universal gave me a bag, brother, I could honestly say I gave Wayne about $400 to $500 million, Drake got about $500 million and Nicki got about $300, $400 million out of my pocket,” he said in the clip. “No cap. If you don’t believe them, ask ’em," said Birdman.