Bill Cosby Working On A TV Show Following Prison Release

Bill Cosby is working on a new television show, according to his spokesperson, Andrew Wyatt.

Speaking to Fox News, Wyatt revealed that the comedian has been “spending time on the phone working on a number of projects” at his Massachusetts home. 

“Things are happening. He’s working on a number of projects right now, a number of ideas for a TV show that has him on the phone with producers, working with guys every day,” Wyatt added. “He’s giving his creative ideas and input. He’s been working on this particular project now for a year and a half. When he was a resident of SCI Phoenix he would have phone calls with producers.”

The comedian, who was recently released from prison on a technicality is also writing a book.

“He’s on the phone almost every day for the book as well. He’s working. That’s why people don’t see him as much. When he was at SCI Phoenix it wasn’t our time so phone calls would be probably two, three times a week for that kind of stuff. Now he has the time. He can speak freely when he wants to. That’s his primary focus since he’s gotten out – to come out and be able to have projects and to work with people who want to work with him.”

Will y’all be buying the book?

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