Bill Cosby Thanks Supreme Court For Hearing His Appeal

Bill Cosby took to Instagram to thank the Supreme Court for agreeing to hear his appeal as he fights to be freed from prison.

“his morning, people around the world witnessed a beautiful presentation by Attorney Jennifer Bonjean regarding two (2) important issues — Immunity & the misuse of a law called, 404 (b) or PBAs (Prior Bad Acts Witnesses(,” the statement posted to social media reads.


“This was not just an historic day for me, Bill Cosby, but it became a beacon of hope for those countless American Citizens of the Keystone State in Pennsylvania Correctional Facilities, whose constitutional rights might have been grossly abused because they lacked resources and means to fight prosecutorial corruption,” he continued. I’m so happy because I hope and truly believe that justice will prevail. Thank you to the PA State Supreme Court for agreeing to hear and review my appeal.”

He then went on to thanks his team and his family for all of their support.

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