Bill Cosby Scared Prosecutors Will Seek Racketeering Case Like R. Kelly

Bill Cosby “fears” federal prosecutors will seek to pursue a racketeering and sex trafficking case against him, similar to the one they used to indict and convict R. Kelly.

Jennifer Bonjean, defense attorney for Cosby, to argue for Cosby’s request to invoke his Fifth Amendment right against self-incrimination. He also wants to avoid a deposition with accuser Judy Huth.

The judge is yet to rule, per Rolling Stone, but it seems he’ll be siding with Cosby.

“I don’t see the assertion as frivolous here especially given what happened in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania,” the judge said.


“Is there a reasonable fear of prosecution based on providing the information sought? The answer is: He does have a reasonable fear that he could be incriminating himself if, in fact, he provides the information and the statute of limitations have not run,” Judge Karlan said. “I don’t see it as that close a call.”

“I also represent R. Kelly, who most certainly was prosecuted under a RICO theory in which he was a celebrity, and the theory went that there was an inner circle of people who work for celebrities and helped him get sex,” Bonjean said. “We know that federal prosecutors are creatively using federal statutes to prosecute individuals with allegations that go back a very, very long time.”

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