Bill Cosby May Sue Pennsylvania Over Prison Bid

Bill Cosby is considering filing a lawsuit after he was imprisoned for over two years.

His rep, Andrew Wyatt, took part in an interview where he revealed the news.

Wyatt says that Cosby is hoping to make “a couple of hundred grand” in compensation.

“We are looking at what recourse, what legal recourse we can take against the state of Pennsylvania,” Wyatt told The Domenick Nati Show. “We are looking at all legal angles for those things right now.”


Montgomery County District Attorney Kevin Steele has defended his decision to prosecute Cosby after the Pennsylvania Supreme Court overturned the comedian’s sexual assault conviction last month.

“To be very clear, prosecutors in this case did not believe there was an agreement not to prosecute or immunity for the defendant at the time we moved forward on the case, and we do not believe it now. If we had believed there was an agreement or immunity, we would not have moved forward in our attempt to bring Cosby to justice,” his statement reads in part.

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