Bill Cosby Defends R. Kelly: No One Fought Hard For Him!!

Comedian Bill Cosby is defending R. Kelly after the star was found guilty in his sex trafficking trial.

According to Cosby’s spokesperson Andrew Wyatt, Cosby thinks Kelly “was screwed” and that “he wasn’t going to catch a break.”


“The deck was stacked against Robert,” said Wyatt per The Post. “His constitutional rights were grossly abused. I don’t know anywhere but in this country in the United States that a documentary can bring criminal charges against someone. No one fought hard for him,” and his attorneys didn’t “humanize him,” Wyatt said.

They also blamed is lack of funds for Kelly losing the trial.

“He also didn’t have the resources and means, he should have asked for support from the court. He would have gotten better representation. This is a guy who made the song ‘I believe I can fly’ when there were rumors about young girls. The song played at every wedding and in every church. He was doing music with Lady Gaga!” 

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