Big U Responds To Quando Rondo: I’m In His Town Right Now


Big U has responded to Quando Rondo, who denied ever reaching out to the OG for protection following King Von’s murder.

He says it’s all love.


“I’m addressing this little thing with young nephew, with Quando. First of all, I never talked to Quando, it ain’t nothing but love with Quando. I was only addressing something that Charlamagne had said to me. If nephew is reaching out to do something for the kids, definitely do that. I never talked to him. He just asked me if somebody reached out,” said Big U of his Breakfast Club interview.

He continued: “I just feel like I know cuz and I been knew him. I never heard from him after we had a conversation a year or a year and a half ago. Maybe two years ago. So when he called me, I’m only on positive vibes. I’m a pull up on cuz or he can pull up on me. I’m in his town right now. I ain’t got nothing but love for nephew.”

Watch the clip below.

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