Big U: Quando Rondo Can’t Call Me Now!!

Big U visited The Breakfast Club, where he revealed that rapper Quando Rondo only tried to check in with him after King Von was shot.

During the Hip Hop Uncovered series, the concept of “checking in” was explored in depth. When visiting certain states, rappers are expected to “check in” with the OGs — ultimately paying for protection.


“The youngsters get out and then they have to have an experience before they realize, ‘I shoulda checked in’ or ‘I should’ve called’ or ‘I shoulda been movin’ a certain way. So they get out and they might be under your banner but then, they ain’t respectin’ the banner. They ain’t callin’ you. They got your number, they know who you is, but they feel like they’re bigger than the program,” said Big U.

“You gotta lot of dudes, when I was here last time, that claim my neighborhood that’s in this music sh*t, but they don’t really f*ck with us until it’s a problem, then they call. Like Quando Rondo — like you can’t call me now. You can’t call me when the fire hot. You didn’t f*ck with me before that. You had my number, you coulda called me, you know what I mean? How does that feel to me? How does that feel to our team?”

Watch the video below.

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