Bhad Bhabie Wants People To Stop Calling Her The ‘Cash Me Outside’ Girl

Bhad Bhabie wants people to put some respeck on her name and stop calling her the “Cash Me Outside” girl.

“So basically, I was just saying if someone’s speaking about me… And you feel the need to say something like that, I’m not saying it’s the end of the world but why say something like that?” she said. 

“If you know when they say that, who they’re talking about, why add that in? So everybody get mad … Like, ‘Well, that’s how people know you!’ I’m not mad, I’m just saying, why even say it?”

The “rapper” joined OnlyFans just six days after turning 18 last year and made $1million during her first six hours.

“I started making so much money when I started doing OnlyFans. And when I say making money, I mean, I could retire right now if I wanted to,’ she told Vanity Fair.


“‘Not bad for 6 hours,’ she said on Instagram. ‘We broke the f*ck out of the onlyfans record.”

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