Bhad Bhabie Threatens AirBnB w/ Lawsuit!!

Bhad Bhabie is threatening Airbnb with a lawsuit — as she cannot rent herself accommodation because she is only 18.

“F*ck @airbnb y’all are weird asf not renting to me Bc I’m 18 FYI I’ve never thrown a party in my life believe it or not,” she wrote. “Y’all will b hearing from my lawyer b*tches.” 

“Why am I able to sign up then ??? and before y’all trolls get into a tizzy I use it for travel.” 

TMZ hit up Airbnb who explained that people who are under 25 and would like to rent certain properties, they need to have “three positives reviews” or they can’t “book entire home listings.” 


Under 18s can book private rooms or find hotel deals. 

Bregoli’s rep told the outlet, “She feels it’s blatant age discrimination. She pointed out that her manager who is twice her age is way more likely to be throwing a party at an Airbnb than she is.”

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