Bhad Bhabie Surprised By The Success Of Her OnlyFans

Bhad Bhabie says she was surprised by the success of her OnlyFans account.

“Since I was young, I’ve been called names and told that I’m doing this and that. I thought, ‘You know what, I might as well make money from it.’ I’m not gonna lie, I did definitely expect for it to be the biggest shit ever for the website. I figured I was one of the biggest people to do it and it was going to do amazing. But even after I made one, [the success still] shocked me,” she told Inked Magazine.

After launching her OnlyFans subscription account, Bhabie made $1 million in six hours, breaking the record for making the most money in one day on the site, which was previously held by former Disney actor Bella Thorne who made $1 million in 24 hours.

Bhad Bhabie had only just turned 18.

She says now that she is older, her music will be more mature.


 “I feel like a lot of my old music was honestly childish. I was young, I was 14 and 15. Now I’m 18 and I’m definitely going to show that I’m more mature with the stuff I’m talking about and my delivery.”

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