Bhad Bhabie Selling Instagram Promo Posts For $40k!!


Teenage “rapper” Bhad Bhabie has revealed that she charges a minimum of $40,000 for promo on her Instagram account.

Bhad Bhabie has over 17 million followers — and considering this fact, the amount does not seem astronomical.


“Promos on my story start at $20k, promos on my page start at $35k-$40k depending on what’s being promoted,” she posted. “My page is a BUSINESS so stop catching a attitude when I say I won’t post for $500. Y’all be calling me stingy but y’all won’t walk into the mall and pick out a $50 shirt but tell the store you only got $5. So they stingy for not selling it to you for what you want to pay…”

The Instagram Story post follows an apology from the artist for a rant she made back in April, shutting down claims that she is trying to be Black by asking why anybody would want to be Black.

Will Bhabie be getting your promo dollars?

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