Bhad Bhabie Responds To Backlash Over Dr. Phil Clinic

Last week, Bhad Bhabie dropped a video detailing the abuse at a ranch in Utah. Dr. Phil sends troubled teens who come on his show.

After the video dropped, people were more focused on the rapper’s hair than of the allegations she was making about the clinic — and she has responded with another video.

“LOOK AT THE BIGGER PICTURE!!!” she begins. “I 100% expected ppl to bash me but that’s not what I’m upset about! I’m upset about ppl overlooking what I’m saying. Point blank period. I don’t and never will give at about who like me and don’t… not everyone is gonna like me. But when I see ppl being childish about a serious situation it makes my blood boil Bc imagine if it was someone you knew and cared about that went through this you would be furious and want to put a stop to it.,” she continued.

Bhabie says it was her real hair, which had suffered some damage.

“And how y’all get so mad that I wasn’t wearing a wig and about someone NATURAL hair tf y’all think imma be bald for y’all gtfo why tf would that be a wig when it’s literally damaged curls.”

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