Bhad Bhabie Apologizes For Asking ‘Who Wants To Be Black?’

Bhad Bhabie has apologized for an offensive rant where she asked, “who wants to be Black?”

“Y’all say that I ‘try to be Black’ because I…maybe [the] reason is because I grew up in the hood. Tarzan, right? The story of Tarzan,” she said on Instagram Live back in April. . “I used darker foundation. Lil Kim uses foundation that — no disrespect toward Lil Kim, I’m actually a fan of hers. No disrespect to her – but the girl wears foundation that’s too light for her face.”

She added: “Who wants to be Black? I don’t understand that! I just can’t comprehend it.”

Viewers did not take her comments well. She has since offered up an apology.


“I apologize to anyone who was offended by what I said. It was not meant how it was taken. I would like for y’all to understand that I didn’t mean it in a bad way I was saying it like ‘who are you talking about’ not meaning it’s bad to be that,” she said in the new video. “This is the last time I will defend myself on this topic y’all can twist whatever you want but I know what I truly meant.”

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