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Bhad Bhabie, 18, Unveils New BOTCHED Face . . . Went From 14 To 45 QUICK!!

Bhad Bhabie quickly rose to fame 4 years ago, for her over the top personality and pretty face. Well MTO News has learned that the now 18 year old may have destroyed her looks forever.

Screen Shot 2021-03-22 at 6.37.27 AM

According to multiple sources, Bhad Bhabi, real name Danielle Brenoli, recently underwent a pretty massive facial surgical procedure - that now has her looking like a completely different person.

And we don't mean that in a good way either.

In the clip that quickly went viral, which follows Bhabie’s “Miss Understood” video last month, she joined in on a TikTok trend equipped with a copious amount of Chanel bags.

“Golly gee, I sure do look like the disappointment of the family, but isn’t it funny how I make the most fucking money?” she lip-synced in the clip. “Sit down, don’t fucking look at me like that.”


The video drew plenty of attention, with many highlighting how Danielle Bregoli looks like a completely different person than she did in the “Hi Bich” her music video four years back.

“I see so much Cardi B here,” wrote one Instagram user. “She went to 14 to 45 quick,” wrote another Instagram user. “When did she change races?” asked another user.