Beyonce’s Wig Game Explained: Harvests Hair From Eastern Europeans & Controls Their Diet!


Beyonce has some of the most expensive wigs in the world. According to a Tiktoker who claims to have been Bey’s stylist at one point, Beyonce reportedly harvests hair from Eastern European women – who are required to eat only organic diets, MTO News has learned.

When you listen to how Bey allegedly gets her wigs made, its almost like she’s using the Eastern European hair donors as farm animals.

According to the stylist, Beyonce allegedly paid $145,000 for a wig sourced from two Norwegian sisters who were hand picked by Beyonce’s team for having the perfect hair texture. MTO News is hearing that Bey and her team required that for the two years the sisters were growing their hair, they were only to eat an organic diet.

And harvesting the right hair is only a part of the process – in making Beyonce’s perfect wig, MTO News heard the Tiktoker explain.

Each time Beyonce’s hair is done, there are typically 3-5 people involved in the process. This includes a person to source the wig, another to color it, and a stylist.

Now for the most interesting part. The Tiktoker claim that Bey’s  most prized hair is harvested from Russia. MTO News learned that the Tiktoker is claiming that Bey’s wig supply may now be disrupted by the ongoing war.


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