Beverley Hills Housewives Denise 17 y.o. Daughter Claims Abuse, Drops Out Of H.S.

Denise Richards is no longer with the Real Housewives of Beverley Hills, but the rest of the cast plans on filming for the reunion show today. MTO News has an exclusive blockbuster report about Denise that will likely reverberate around the Beverly Hills housewives..

We exclusively learned that Denise Richards’ daughter Sami (her daughter with actor Charlie Sheen) is making some explosive claims about her upbringing. And the teen girl appears to be suggesting some pretty serious things about her home life.


According to Sami, last year she was “trapped in an abusive household” and that she would “go days without eating or sleeping.” It’s not clear where she lived last year, but MTO News learned that Denise had legal custody of the teen girl.

Now Sami said on a new TikTok video on her page that she no longer lives in an “abusive” house and that she’s dropped out of High School, MTO News confirmed.

Up until last year Sami is believed to have been living with Denise Richards and her husband Aaron. It’s not clear whether that changed..

Sami turned 17 earlier this year, and Denise took to Instagram to celebrate her oldest child with several photos and one sweet message.

“Can’t believe my beautiful baby girl is 17!!!!” the actor turned reality TV star wrote in the caption that accompanied the set of pics. “Time flies by so fast, so amazed the beautiful young woman you’ve become. Although a part of me would give anything to have those years back when you were little.”

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