Benzino Responds To Coi Leray: Her Mother Poisoned That!!


After being called out by his daughter, Benzino has responded to Coi Leray — blaming her mother for her poor opinion of him.

“People need a storyline and y’all saying ‘clout,’ she mentioned me in the song. Stupid. Y’all wouldn’t have known nothin’ was goin’ on. Coi had everything she wanted. I was flying Coi to meet every summer, every Spring Break, every — she was in Miami. I got her in a movie,” he says. “Every Christmas, Thanksgiving, she’s with me. Her brother and her other brother, they was all with me. Every last one. Her mother poisoned that. A lot of mother’s do that to guys. That’s a regular thing in the ‘hood.”

He continued: “The mothers get mad ’cause you ain’t with ’em no more, then they start poisoning the kid’s minds. I met Coi’s mother in the projects. I took care of her two sons that wasn’t mine. She tell you that, too? Get out of here. Y’all are stupid. I didn’t even want this sh*t, but I knew it would happen. I knew once she put that line in the song, I knew what was gonna happen.”

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