Benny The Butcher Agrees That Being A Rapper Is The Most Dangerous Job In The World!

Rapper Benny The Butcher, who was shot in an attempted robbery in November, says that he agrees with Jim Jones’ statement that being a rapper is the most dangerous job in the world.


Jones has made the statement more than once. Over the past years, several rappers have been shot — and several murdered.

“I agree,” Benny told HHDX. “There’s other guys who got more money than rappers and got maybe a better life than a rapper, but they still want the fame and they still want the spotlight because that’s what come with being a rapper. So guys envy you because of that. Everybody envy you because of the money you make.

He continued: “They envy you because of the position that you’re in. It’s not just the money either — it’s they look online and see a bunch of people loving you and praising you for the talent that you have. That’s dangerous. It’s like a king. It’s dangerous to be a king because everybody want to be the next king. Everybody wants your spot.”

Y’all agree?

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