Beautiful IG Model Gets PREGNANT By Michael Blackson; Dumps Him & Wants ‘Support’!!

Comedian Michael Blackson’s girlfriend publicly announced that she’s breaking up with him, just a few weeks after online reports say that she’s pregnant.

Michael’s girlfriend Rada announced that she and Michael were splitting, because, “he has internal issues that he needs to work on.” According to Rada, she still loves Michael, but she’s not willing to be in the relationship any longer.

Rada added she also believes that Michael had been unfaithful. The Latina model explained, “I am an easy person to deal with but I will not be lied to. I will always love and support him with all my heart……it’s time for me to move on and love him from afar.”


But the news gets even more interesting. According to two separate IG blogs, Rada may be pregnant. One blog is saying though that she’s already be seeking “support” for the alleged unborn child.

Here are pics of Michael and Rada during happier times:

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