Beautiful IG Model BEAT UP By Rival Influencers; Face Was Unrecognizable!!

A beautiful Instagram model from Atlanta was attacked by a group of girls – who left her so battered and swollen, that her face was unrecognizable, MTO News has learned. 

And the video, showing the aftermath is so horrifying that it’s gone viral on social media.

According to social media reports, read by MTO News, the victim is an Instagram model from Atlanta. The woman allegedly had “beef” with rival influencers, who were jealous of her.

According to the reports, the victim’s IG opps caught up with her inside an Atlanta club and attacked her. They hit her dozens of times in the face and head, with both fists and other objects.

And after they were done with her, the victim’s head was swollen to nearly twice its normal size and she looked like Worf from Star Trek.

MTO News has learned that the victim was taken to the hospital and is expected to recover from her injuries. Police are investigating the assault, according to social media reports, and expected to make arrests shortly.

Here’s the video, showing the victim, after she was attacked:

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