Beautiful Dancehall Artist Honey Milan Gets BF Name Tatted All Over HER FACE!!

Honey Milan is one of the hottest new Jamaican Dancehall artists in the world. And just as she’s on the verge of superstardom – she got a giant tattoo on her forehead, which says ‘Skillibeng’, MTO News confirmed.

Skillibeng, another Dancehall artist, is Honey Milan’s boyfriend.

In a recent interview with THE WEEKEND STAR, Honey Milan said “The relationship is very organic. We’re both artistes, him nuh love nutten more than music and me nuh love nutten more than music. So that alone is chemistry.”

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“He and I were living together, he introduced me to his mother,” she continued. But as for the tattoo, she said “People online think I don’t show my gratitude, everybody close to me good, cause there’s not much to explain about it,” she said. “Except that, yes, it is real.”

And she had more to say. “For the people that are saying it’s a publicity stunt, I would like to say to them, ‘good day to you’ and those who stare, I am just going to stare back,” she said. 

“My fans who know me or love me, dem nah say nutten ’bout the tattoo, it’s the outsiders. The people weh upset ah nuh fans, my fans know me do weh me waan do and that I don’t care. They already know what time it is.”

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