‘Basketball Wives’ OG: Some Of The Cast Refused To Film w/ Me!!

Basketball Wives star OG says she’s facing backlash for filing a lawsuit against Evelyn Lozada after accusing her of being racist — she says they refused to film with her in the upcoming season.

“I never at any point of time refused to film with anyone. I was completely open, I was completely ready to listen, I was completely ready to tackle and try to find resolution any shape or form if that was possible,” she told Storm Monroe. “However, I had to work within the constraints of finding out that four other people did not want to film with me. Two of which eventually came around, two of which I never saw the entire time we started filming.”


During the interview, she also let viewers know the status of the controversial lawsuit:

“It’s still ongoing so I can’t talk too much about it because it’s still ongoing. We are entering different stages due to Covid. And the level of lawsuit that was filed against me, it was not considered high on the protocol, high on standards so the courts are closed. So everything had to be done during Zoom and different things like that so it kind of got pushed on the backburner,” she explained.

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