‘Basic’ Looking Latina Leaks Text Messages w/ Kanye . . . He’s A CRAZY PERSON!! (Read)


In case you had any doubt whatsoever that Kanye West was a crazy person, a woman who the internet believes is currently messing with Ye just leaked text messages between herself and Kanye – to prove just that.

And in the leaked messages, Kanye sounds like an absolute lunatic, MTO News has learned. 

Kanye asked the 26 year old Purto Rican girl if she wanted to discuss Astro physics. MTO News learned that the Latina – who goes by the name Audrinix – barely graduated from high school.

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He also told the basic looking chica that her “future was in space time” and that her past is “traveling through light and dimension.”


She then posted a pic appearing to show her and Kanye in the club together – with Kanye looking a sweaty mess. And his facial expression looking as though he wasn’t although there.  

Poor Kanye..

Most women would run for the hills if a man texted this crazy talk to their phones. But if you’re Kanye West, many women will stick around for the crazy. And this clout chasing young woman is no different – she’s using Kanye for all the fame that he’s willing to offer her, MTO News has learned.

She also has a music career – which Kanye appears to be helping her with.

It’s not clear what the nature of her relationship is with Kanye, but we can’t wait to see where this goes.

Here she is on Kanye’s private jet:

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