Barack Obama Responds To Criticism He Did Not Do Enough For Black People


Barack Obama has responded to critics who have said that he did not do enough for the Black community during his eight years in office.

“You know what, I understand it. When I got elected there was so much excitement and hope. And I also think that we genuinely viewed the presidency as almost like a monarchy in a sense of ‘well, once the president’s there he can just do whatever needs to get done and if he’s not doing it then it must be because he didn’t want to do it,'” he told The Breakfast Club.


He said despite the backlash, he has the numbers to back up his work:

“By the time I left office you had seen 3 million African Americans have health care that didn’t have it before. You had seen the incarceration rate, the number of Black folks in prison, drop for the first time in years. You had seen the juvenile corrections system- 30% fewer people in there. You had seen Black poverty drop to its lowest level since 1968. You had seen Black businesses rise. You had seen Black income go up,” he said.

Y’all agree?

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