BandGang Paid Will Reportedly Shot & Killed In Detroit

Detroit MC BandGang Paid Will was shot and killed yesterday, MTO News has learned. He was only 27 years old.

BandGang Paid Will, who is best known for his underground projects Heavy Weights, Br6nx Baby, Testers, Applying Pressure, and Young N***a World, was one of the hottest new rappers in the world.

His reported death comes just months after the murder of Detroit rapper Jizzle P, a rising star and another member of BandGang.

Paid Will’s final post, which was shared on Thanksgiving Day and showed off his watch and sneakers, turned into something of a memorial for those who knew him. Fans of his music shared messages of shock, and many who worked with Paid Will remembered his influence on the industry.

Detroit artist Neisha Neshae offered condolences, writing “RIP” with a pair of praying-hands emoji.

“RIP MY BRO PAID WILL,” wrote Hitta J3, a California rapper who had collaborated with his group.

Word of Paid Will’s death broke on social media late on Monday evening, and his name even reached the top of Twitter’s trends. Shortly after the news broke, many took to his Instagram page to offer condolences. 

Many close to him appeared to confirm his passing, though details were not yet reported.

Here are the confirmations:

For those not familiar with his work, here are some of his hits. Look:

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