Babys Father: Real Housewives Kandi Was ‘Messy’ Side H*e I Got Pregnant!!

As you may already know, Real Housewives of Atlanta star Kandi Burress is always finding ways to drag her eldest daughter’s father. According to Kandi, Riley’s father Block was a real deadbeat dad.

Now, MTO News learned that Block is speaking out – and telling his version of the events. According to Block he was a happily married man, before Kandi came along.

Block claims that Kandi was just a “messy” side chick – who got pregnant and then tried to destroy his marriage. Block claims that Kandi called up his wife – and exposed their relationship to her, hoping they would divorce and Block would be with her.


Kandi’s perceived vindictive behavior caused Block’s wife to HATE her and caused friction in his relationship with Riley for many years.

Here’s a summary of the claims Block made:

– He has grandkids he’s showing his age

– Him and his kids are cool apart from the ones on housewives

– I was dealing with Kandi when i already had a family

– Kandi went behind my back and called my lady

– His girl said “f you”

-If you choose to keep your kid over there and not bring her over here, that’s you

-I don’t jump through hula hoops

-Kandi was sideline for him, he already had 4 kids

He paid child support up until the age of 14

-Riley is 18 now

-All his kids apart from Riley stay with him

-2011-2012 he’s going to take a break so he could raise his kids

-He’s been in the game for 26 years

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