Baby Blue Tells People To Avoid PPP Loans!!


Baby Blue is looking at a stretch behind bars after he was accused by the feds for misappropriating his PPP loan funds.

Now he’s warning people to stay away from them.

Blue is expected to plead guilty when he appears in federal court in June to answer to conspiracy and fraud charges. 

“I want to take a second to use my platform and tell all my followers and anyone that sees this… If anyone approaches you with an offer for a PPP Loan, simply tell them… NOTHANK YOU!” he wrote.

“Don’t even have the conversation. It’s not worth it. Walk away and keep your freedom. Ignorance is not a legal defense and when you’re standing in front of a judge & jury, you won’t be able to say “I didn’t know,” he continued on Instagram.

He warns people that the funds are closely monitored by the government.

“It’s ‘ILLEGAL’ to use the funds for anything other than Payroll which is closely monitored by the government. Just don’t take the risk. Just say NO! If I’m too late and you already received a PPP Loan, give the money back. Do the right thing. I would hate to see anyone else get in trouble with the law from this moving forward. I’m extremely remorseful in stating this and hope someone reads this message and makes the right decision,” Baby Blue wrote.


He advises his fans to take another route:

“In my opinion, the best way to stay safe from everything going on surrounding these PPP Loans is just stay away from them. You can repair your credit and get a conventional loan from your local bank. Don’t get caught up in this PPP thing because it’s not worth it,”

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