Baby Blue Denies Rumors He Snitched

Baby Blue denied rumors that he cooperated with the feds in exchange for a lighter sentence.

“You think imma miss my chance on being a real n*gga by telling?” he wrote. 

“Gimme them 20 months, imma knock that sh*t out! Be home in no time!” 

“Honestly, The informants in my case made me their SCAPEGOAT,” he said. “Made it seem like we was part of the scam but in reality, THEY SCAMMED ME & OTHER CELEBS They told lies on US for less time wrongly convicting victims Unfortunately, being ‘NAIVE’ isn’t a defense in the court of law!”

The rapper pleaded guilty to defrauding the government after receiving a PPP loan. He spent the money on treating himself to lavish gifts and casino trips instead of on alleged business employees.


He received a 20 month sentence.

According to the government, the reality television star received money for a Ferrari by falsifying documents to get a Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) loan worth nearly $427,000. He allegedly spent the money on hotels, flashy hotels and casinos, care and more.

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