Azealia Banks Walks Back On Statement About Wanting Kanye West’s Baby!!

Azealia Banks took to Twitter to walk back on comments she made last week about wanting to marry Kanye West and have his baby.

 “You guys really took that Kanye joke and ran with it huh?” she wrote via Instagram Stories.

Last week, Banks shared a screenshot of another outlet’s article on the story. She captioned the post: “It’s me guys. The powerful black demon entity awaiting in my ovaries and Kanye’s testicle is finally about to be unleashed upon the world. All of you n*ggas are going to JAIL.”

In the comments section, she wrote:

 “I just want to be the mother of the fully African Azealia Banks x Kanye West child. Give me the baby, then go be whoever you want.”

Responding to another fan, she continued: “We would most likely have a Sagittarius baby as payback for the both of us sh*t talking Jay-Z.”


“We would make the art world stop. It would be another 50 years before anyone was adept enough to cause a shift,” she added.

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