Azealia Banks Unveils New Body After Getting BBL Surgery: “It’s Giving FDA Approved A**”

On Satuday, April 9th, female rapper Azalea Banks hopped on her Instagram Story to show off some work she had done to her behind, which looks . . . interesting.

The Slay-Z recording artist recently underwent BBL surgery, and over the weekend she got a re-up of booty shots.

“I got another round,” she wrote above the before and after photos. “@miami_aesthetics is killing it, it’s giving FDA approved ass. I think I want 60 more syringes of Radiesse. Y’all really have to hit up Nicole Wyatt, my good good Judy knows how to work them needles.”

“Radiesse BBL is a way better option than traditional BBL. Most women reabsorb the BBL and body fat, it’s a ridiculously invasive procedure with an 18% death rate, an absolutely disgusting/bloody/pus-filled and LENGTHY healing process.”

Banks went on to share that other options, such as Sculptra, have been known to give unwanted lumps, and she didn’t even want to get started on the injections that exist on the black market.

“If we are on the brink of nuclear war I’m getting me some ass… JU HEARD!?!!” the “212” hitmaker went on, making light of the hectic world events that have been happening as of late. “The vegan metabolism stomach on flat flat and the enhanced booty is giving me [a new] level of sex appeal. You bitches are not ready.”

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