Attorney Representing T.I & Tiny Accusers Reportedly Prepping National Enquirer Story!!

Tyrone Blackburn, the attorney representing 11 of the people who stepped forward to accuse T.I. and Tiny Harris of sexual abuse and other heinous crimes — is reportedly working on a story with the National Enquirer.


Attorney for the Harrisses talked to The Jasmine Brand trashing Blackburn.

Steve Sadow told them: “The Harrisses continue to deny in the strongest possible terms these scurrilous and unsubstantiated accusations. We await lawyer Blackburn exposing his anonymous accusers to the light of day by revealing their names. Only then will we be in a position to confront their allegations with true facts.

He continues, “By the lawyer choosing instead to misuse the media for his own publicity and hiding the identities of his clients from the public and us, he makes it impossible for us to do so now. We are confident that if the claims are thoroughly and fairly investigated, no charges will be brought.”

Involvement with the National Enquirer may be good news for inquiring minds because if there’s an outlet that can get to the bottom of this scandal – it’s the National Enquirer. 

The outlet uses a number of methods to investigate allegations including private investigators, lie detector tests etc. Remember, in the 80s and 90s they outted closeted celebrities and weren’t lying! Years later they broke the news that former presidential candidate John Edwards was having an affair – also true – and ruined him politically. And let’s not forget the news they broke about Charlie Sheen – his recreational habits and current health status.

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