Atlanta ‘Thick KAREN’ Goes Viral After Calling Police On Black Women . . . Black Men Love Her!


There’s a disturbing video going around social media, which shows a White Atlanta woman calling 911, and making up lies about a Black woman – hoping to get her arrested.

While most Black women who watch the video are outraged by what happens, MTO News has confirmed that there are hundreds on Black men all across social media, who are DEFENDING the Karen.

And the Black men are defending the White woman because, as they put it, “Her a** is fat.” The woman, who MTO News has not yet been able to identify – is being called “Thick Karen” across social media.

The video starts out with the “Karen” blocking a Black woman from entering the parking garage in her building at Gables Midtown Apartments in Atlanta.

According to online reports, the Black woman forgot her keys to enter the building’s garage. But she managed to get inside by pulling in behind the woman who is now being called “Thick Karen.”

The White woman complained that her Black neighbor was entering the parking garage without authorization, and an argument ensued. Eventually the White women (“Thick Karen”) called police on her Black neighbor.


Here are just a few of the thousands of responses from Black men across Twitter to the video:

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