Atlanta Housewife Falynn EXPOSED . . . She’s Dating Her ‘GAY’ BFF!!

The drama between Falynn and her estranged husband Simon from the Real Housewives of Atlanta just got a lot more interesting. MTO News confirmed that Falynn just admitted to dating her good friend, Jalyn. According to Falynn’s ex-husband Simon, Falynn introduced him to Jalynn as her “gay BFF.” It’s pretty clear now that Jaylyn isn’t gay and very much heterosexual.

Here’s Falynn and Jaylyn on a date:

When Simon announced his split with Falynn, he divulged some vague details about why he and Falynn were calling it quits. After saying that he was “no longer responsible for her financially” and that he thought his soon-to-be ex-wife was a “good catch” because she had her own money in the bank, Simon implied (purposefully or accidentally) that Falynn had cheated on him” and implied she had been cheating on him with Jaylynn – her assistant.

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“You guys just want something very salacious,” he said to the viewers, before adding, “How was [the] infidelity exposed? Just understand that I’m very good at what I do when I need to find something out.”

Later in the Live, he cryptically and additionally noted, “In order for you to have a healthy relationship you have to be emotionally on the same level. You have to vibrate on the same level, spiritually and all of that. When one person is up here and the other person is doing this — vibrating down — you can either go down with them or continue to resist and vibrate up. And eventually, something’s gonna give and say ‘Okay I want to continue to vibrate [high] because when I do these things good things happen to me. But when I go do these [bad] things over there [whether] it’s to cheat or do drugs or do any kind of thing that is harmful to your spirit or body, there are consequences for it.’”

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