ATL Housewives: KENYA Hires ‘Armed’ Bodyguards To Protect Her From MARLO!!


The new season of the Real Housewives of Atlanta is OFF THE CHAINS. MTO News has learned that a series of “violent” instances during filming have got housewife Kenya Moore spooked.

And according to our insider, Kenya has decided to hire 24/7 bodyguards – which are with her during the filming of every scene – and their specific instructions are to “protect her from Marlo.”

Marlo and Kenya have been going at it all season – with Kenya reading Marlo and the Marlo frequently flying into a rage.

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MTO News spoke with a person close to Kenya who explained, “Kenya is here for the drama, but she’s not interested in violence – especially with Marlo, who has a history of slashing women’s faces with knives.”

We’re told that Kenya has spoken to Bravo executives and has informed them that she needs her own armed private security with her at all times, especially when Marlo is in the scene with her.

Marlo is a very emotional woman. But she hasn’t been accused of doing anything violent in years. That being said, she does have quite a past.

Here are just a few mugshots taken from Marlo’s past arrests.

On May 26, 1999, she was arrested and charged with Aggravated Battery / Great bodily harm with a weapon, a first degree felony. Marlo was 23-years-old and living in St. Petersberg, Florida at the time of her arrest. The incident involved the alleged slashing a woman’s face. MTO News learned that’s social media reports claim that the victim committed suicide 6 years after the incidence, leaving behind a young son.

Marlo was eventually convicted of Aggravated Battery / Great bodily harm. The deadly weapon portion of the charges were dropped, and do Marlo’s conviction was for a second-degree felony instead of the first-degree felony she was initially charged with. 

Marlo had a series of other arrests, including for a parole violation, credit card fraud charges, and possession of a firearm..

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