Asian Store Owner BEATS Black Woman While Holding Her At GUNPOINT! (Video)

A very disturbing video is circulating online which shows an altercation inside a Dallas, Texas convenience store. In the video, which MTO News has viewed, an Asian store owner is seen on video beating up a Black woman, while another Asian employee holds her at gunpoint.

Many on social media are now asking the police to look into the matter – and charge the Asian store owner with kidnapping and assault charges.

The video, which purportedly was taken in Dallas, starts with her as an unruly customer going behind the cash register to confront the Asian store owner after she claims the store owner “cheated” her on a cigarette purchase. Clearly the woman was wrong – and should face consequences for her actions.

But what happened next was extremely disturbing – and completely out of line. Watch:

In the video, an Asian man pulls a gun and starts pistol whipping the woman. When the woman sees the gun, she immediately stopped her aggression, MTO News observed.

But that left the Black woman at the mercy of the two Asian men – and they took out their frustrations out on her. As the woman was being held at gunpoint, the Asian owner punched the woman more than a dozen times in the head and body. The other man holding the gun also hit her with the gun more than once and the men beat her brutally for several minutes. Then a third man approached holding with what appeared to a small hammer, preparing to get in the action.

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