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Asian Man BRUTALIZES N.O. Black Woman; She Pulls Gun & Shoots!! Video)


In recent weeks there have been a nationwide demonstrations against Asian hate crimes. And those demonstrations, which are going on during Black History Month in America, are putting a strain on the relationship between Black and Asians.


Now a new video, which has gone viral - may shed even more light on the bad blood between many in the Asian and Black communities.


The video - which purportedly was taken in New Orleans, shows an Asian shop-owner brutalizing a Black woman. The shopkeeper is seen on camera violently pushing the woman and then kicking her.

But he's not done. The video shows the Asian man runs after the woman - as she retreats to her car - to confront her again, possibly with more violence.

But he made a HUGE mistake. You see, New Orleans has very citizen-friendly gun carry laws and the most liberal use of self defense laws in the country.

The woman retreated to her car, where she pulled out a firearm and appeared to have fired a shot in the direction of the attacking shopkeeper.

Luckily for everyone the gunshot did not appear to hit the Asian man. But it did stop him from his apparent attack, and might make him think twice before he attempts to brutalize any one going forward.