Asian GANGS In California Upset They Can’t Call Black People The N WORD!!

There’s an interesting debate bubbling up in the California gang politics. A group of Asian gang members – mostly Crips – are upset because people are telling them that they shouldn’t use the N word, to describe Black people.

The issue first came to a head last week, when rapper Charleston White called out Asian gang members in northern California for using that racist epithet, when describing Black people.

Here’s what Charleston said:

Well a bunch of Asian gang members made a response video, where they argued that they should be able to use the epithet, because they “grew up around Black people.”

Here’s their argument:

Asian gangs for years have flown under the radar within popular culture because of their secrecy, but that’s changing with the popularity of social media.

The main players in San Francisco were the Wah Ching, Hop Sing Tong, Wo Hop To, and the Joe Boys, in which their activity led to dozens of homicides in the northern California city throughout the 1960s and 1970s.


In cities like Long Beach, San Diego, or Sacramento, Asian gang members who parents and grandparents originally came from Southeast Asian countries like Cambodia, Vietname or the Philippines have become under their own set of gangs.

From Southern California to California’s Central Valley region Asian gangs formed into the likes of the Asian Boyz, Oriental Crips, Viet Pride Crips, Tiny Rascals Gang, Asian Street Walkers and numerous others.

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