Arlington Shooter Family Claims ‘SELF DEFENSE’ – Was Terrorized By ‘Blood’ Gang!

Yesterday the nation learned of a horrible shooting that took place inside of an Arlington Texas School. Well now MTO News has learned that the 18 year old accused of doing the shooting is planning to claim SELF DEFENSE, MTO News has learned.

Police arrested and charged 18 year old high school student Timothy George Simpkins, and charged him with the mass shooting at Timberview High School in a Dallas suburb.

But does Timothy have a legal EXCUSE for the shooting? Maybe, according to legal experts that MTO News spoke with. 

Timothy lived in a $400,000 home with his grandmother Lillie. He drives a 2018 Silver Dodge Charger, and his family described him as a ‘loveable’ and smart kid. 

And family members of Timothy have gone on social media, and claimed that their son was acting in “self defense” when he fired those shots inside the school.

A woman who identified herself as Simpkins’ mother went on Facebook and told her followers that Timothy was “bullied.”


Cint Wheat, Timothy’s cousin, confirmed that narrative – as she wrote in a Facebook post, “At the end of the day my lil cousin was bullied. I don’t know to feel about this he not no bad kid.”

Later in the evening, Carol Harrison Lafayette, who claims to also be a family member, said that Timothy was robbed by a group of Bloods gang members at the school – and that was before the attack happened.

“He was robbed,” she said. “It was recorded. It happened not just once, it happened twice. He was scared, he was afraid.”

A video also surfaced, MTO News has learned, which purportedly shows Timothy being beaten, just minutes before the shooting occurred. The teen attacking Timothy continuously uses the phrase “Blood” which is popular with members of the Bloods gang.

So what does all this mean – will Timothy be able to walk free?


He faces serious gun charges – for bringing a gun to school. He may face both state and federal charges for this crime, MTO News has learned. He faces 5 years federal time and 1 year State time for the offense.

But he may be able to get away with the more serious charges – the mass shooting –  under Texas’ arcane self defense laws. Under Texas law a person is justified in using deadly force against an attacker if he reasonably believes that it is necessary to protect himself from an aggravated robbery. And the self defender is not criminally responsible if any innocent bystanders are injured or killed.

MTO News spoke with a close family member of Timothy’s – who explained what he says happened. “It was self defense,” the family member explained to us. “The Bloods tried to rob and kill him and he fired his gun.”

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