Ari Fletcher: I Want My Man To Pull A Gun Out . . .  When I Try To Leave

Ari Fletcher is currently dating Moneybagg Yo, and during a recent interview she opened up about what their life together is like.

And MTO News has learned that she’s made controversial statements that many find to be troubling.

While on the Don’t Call Me White Girl podcast, Ari explained, “we don’t have like, a toxic thing where we like… We like to talk about everything. Like, I’m mad, this is why I’m mad, and this is what needs to happen moving forward so this don’t make me mad no more.” The mother of one added, “we’re like real adults – it’s weird. I’ve never been like this before.”

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When the host responded, “I don’t think I’ve ever had something that wasn’t toxic before,” also whispering “because I think I’m the toxic one,” Fletcher replied, “me too,” before diving back into her partnership with the “Scorpio” rapper.

“He make me feel like, how old is you? Like, grow the f*ck up. Yeah, he do that to me,” she admitted, revealing that her boyfriend makes her question some of her more problematic and immature thought patterns.

The 26-year-old then shared some of the more toxic behaviours that she used to engage in, including throwing dramatic temper tantrums to make it seem like she was about to leave them in hopes to see the man in her life put up a fight for her to stay. One particularly controversial comment she made was, “Like, pull your gun out and show me like, ‘bitch leave. I wish you would walk out the door.’”

She continued, “I’m going to just sit down because I got a son and I’m not trying to die – I got a son. So I’m only staying because I got a son and I don’t want you to shoot me.”

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