Ari Fletcher Asks Fans To Pray For Her Amid Health Issues

Ari Fletcher is asking her fans to pray for her as she says she has some serious health issues.

“I’m going through the worst pain and I don’t have no help. I need a in house nurse. So much I wanna say…”

The next day she wrote, “I’m not okay at the moment. I have serious health issues going on right now. I’m in pain and I’m down. I will be okay tho. Coming out strong like always! Pray for me, love y’all so much!”

Fans then told her she’s been rude to them online and that she shouldn’t ask that of them.


“If I ever called you broke or called you a crate climbing ass b*tch I was not talking to you when I asked for a prayer,” she responded. “I’m sick, that don’t mean my personality changed. Don’t get it confused, stupid. Talking about ‘not you need our broke ass prayers’ babe, don’t flatter yourself. I was not talking to you!”

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