Apollo Nida Asks Judge To Terminate His Probation For Resisting Arrest

Apollo Nida was accused of laundering money in 2014 and faced 430 years in prison but took a plea deal and was released in 2019.

Apollo is completing a five-year probation but according to court docs obtained by Radar Online, Apollo has asked a federal judge to end his probation early. 

His attorney argued that he “earned income as a guest speaker; Mr. Nida was also paid to host parties and events in various cities and states throughout the country. In fact, while on pretrial release (bond) Mr. Nida continued to travel and earn income through these same means.”

The petition says Apollo had five separate probation officers and there was an issue in May, when a P.O. approved a work-related trip to Miami. He did not file the paperwork and Apollo was arrested.

Apollo was charged with resisting an officer/arrest without committing violence and was set at $1,000. Months later the charges were dropped, during that time he was required to stay on GPS monitoring and adhere to strict curfews that “affected his livelihood and family.” He could not travel and he also says the probation officer lied about his arrest.

The judge is yet to make a decision.


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