Antonio Brown Leaks Texts To Bucs Head Coach: Health Over Wealth

Antonio Brown has leaked text messages he sent to Tampa Bay’s head team coach Bruce Arians the day before he was released.

 “We ARE NOT resting for the playoffs,” said Arians. 

Brown then told the coach that while he’d like to play, his ankle had not fully healed.

“Come see me in the morning,” Arians responded. “We’ll talk it out. Definitely want you with us in case you’re ready.”

“Health over Wealth # Barbarian,” he tweeted along with pictures of a trainer helping him work on his ankle.

Brown later tweeted, “Don’t get it twisted. My brothers have been good to me. From Tom to practice squad, we were a top-level unit,” he tweeted. “They have been good to me and knew nothing about my talks with coach last week. The team mishandled this situation. They let me down and, more importantly, my teammates.”

Brown was released after he refused to play in a recent game.

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