Anthony Johnson, From House Party, Friday, & Menace II Society . . . Drank Himself To DEATH!!


Anthony Johnson was an actor and comedian well known in the 1990s for his memorable roles in “Friday,” “House Party” and about two dozen other movies, died on Sept. 6. He was 55.

Anthony is best known for playing Ezal, a drug addict and thief who unintentionally interrupts a heist, in the 1995 movie “Friday,” starring Ice Cube. Mr. Johnson’s other film credits, sometimes as A.J. Johnson, include “House Party” (1990), “Menace II Society” (1993) and “B.A.P.S.” (1997).

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The cause of death for ‘Friday’ star was recently revealed – and it turns out he drank himself to death. According to the medical examiner, Anthony died due to years of hard drinking. His cause of death was something his wife wanted to share with people. 

TMZ obtained the autopsy report, citing the cause of death as “chronic ethanol use.” The report also stated that the manner of death was natural. 

When officials ran a toxicology test, the document stated that no alcohol or common drugs of abuse were found in his system. According to the coroner’s office, no signs of pneumonia were detected, but the “Friday” star had recently tested positive for COVID-19. 

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