ANOTHER Shooting At Atlanta’s Lennox Mall: Cashier Says ‘Not Again’!!

There’s been yet another shooting inside one of Atlanta’s most popular malls, Lennox Hill, MTO News has learned.

But this time, police say that the shooting was accidental.

Police say that yesterday shoots rang out insider of Neiman Marcus inside Atlanta’s busiest shopping mall around 6:00 PM.


This is just the latest shooting inside the mall. In fact shootings are so common there, that a cashier at the store said “not again” when gunfire erupted.


Based on their preliminary investigation, police initially believed that the gunfire popped off after a dispute between two people.

But the officers later changed their mind. In a later update, police said new information uncovered lead them to believe that the gunfire was the result of a person walking through the store and adjusting his pants when the firearm he had in his waistband went off.

“It appears the shot was accidental and no one was injured by the bullet,” a police spokesperson said.

Police have not located the gun owner but are urging caution among those carrying weapons in public places.

Here’s video of people running:

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