ANOTHER Chicago Rapper Shot On IG Live!! (‘On My Mama He Just Shot’)

There’s a new trend, Chicago rappers getting shot or shot at on Instagram Live, MTO News confirm that yesterday another popular Chicago rapper, Stunt Taylor, was shot while recording a livestream video.

The incident started when Stunt Taylor spotted one of his opps, as he was driving around Chicago. Stunt pulled up on the man, and the opp allegedly yelled out GDK – the initial which stand for Gangster Disciples Killer. Stunt Taylor is a member o the Gangster Disciples gang, so yelling those letters at him – is fighting words.

Stunt immediately challenged his rival to a one-on-one fist fight, and the man agreed. They pulled into a drug store parking lot – and Stunt was preparing to fight.

But he Opp had other things in mind. The man pulled a gun and unloaded ,multiple shots at Stunt Taylor’s car. Luckily Stunt was only grazed by a single bullet.


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