Andy Cohen Grills Erika Jayne Over Legal Drama In ‘RHOBH’ Reunion Trailer


The reunion trailer for RHOBH has dropped and viewers were happy to see Andy Cohen grilling Erika Jayne over her legal drama.

“Why didn’t you leave Tom sooner? I know what you make on this show. Do you feel you were held captive? He’s having multiple affairs yet, as we know, he put $20 million and more into your account,” Andy tells Erika.

“No,” Erika says.

“Who believes Erika did not know anything about what Tom was doing?” Andy is then seen asking and the cast goes silent.

 “Can someone please back me the f*ck up on what I’m saying?” Erika then yells.

“You were manipulating the narrative by saying that the cognitive decline started three years ago,” Andy says.

“That’s not true. Again, here you are, looking at me, rolling your eyes,” Erika clapped back.

“It lands differently when there are air crash victims,” Andy continues before asking, “Have you asked him if he did it?” 


“I asked him why am I… Why?” she says, stuttering and there is a pause before the trailer ends.

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