Andrew Cuomo Calls Out Cancel Culture

Former New York Governor Andrew Cuomo spoke out against cancel culture.

He’s been quiet since he was forced to resign over allegations of sexual harassment.

“As you probably know, I’ve gone through a difficult period the past few months. I resigned as governor, the press roasted me, my colleagues were ridiculed, my brother was fired,” Cuomo said per The New York Post. “It was ugly.”

“My father, God rest his soul, used to say government is an honorable profession but that politics can be a dirty business,” he said. “Now that is especially true today, when the politics out there is so mean and so extreme, when even the Democratic Party chooses to cancel people that they have a disagreement with.”

“My behavior has been the same for 40 years in public life. … But that was actually the problem. Because for some people, especially younger people, there’s a new sensitivity. No one ever told me I made them feel uncomfortable. I never sensed that I caused anyone discomfort. I was trying to do the exact opposite.”

Cuomo denied all of the allegations against him made by several women.

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