An Alleged Jill Scott S*xtape Leaks . . . Twitter Goes CRAZY!! (Video)

Last night a video purporting to show actress/singer Jill Scott having relations with her boyfriend leaked online. MTO News watched the clip – and while we couldn’t confirm whether or not it was actually Jill . . . it sure looked like her.

And the video is causing quite a stir on Twitter. The video has been uploaded several times, but each time the social media platform quickly deletes it.

That post-and-delete has led to thousands of people to ask about the video on Twitter. And Black Twitter is going crazy right now.

MTO News can confirm that earlier today Jill Scott was the #1 trending topic in the world.

So what exactly is in the tape that people have people insanely curious? Well let’s just say, Jill – or whoever it is in the tape – shows off her oral skills. Sort of like this:

Here are just some of the responses on Black Twitter:

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