Almighty Jay Says He Refuses To Wear Condoms: I Walk By Faith!!

Almighty Jay says he refuses to wear condoms and that God will protect him from catching an STD.

“I walk by faith, bruh, I ain’t gonna lie. I don’t walk by diseases,” HE TOLD DJ Vlad. “I done used condoms before but I don’t plan on just going around and using condoms.” 

He said he isn’t worried about having lots of baby mamas, “I ain’t gone have no kids, bro.” 

The rapper used to date Blac Chyna in 2018 after reportedly meeting on Christian Mingle, a Christian dating site.


In July, the rapper went viral after he got into a fight with Skinnyfromthe9. Almighty Jay knocks Skinny to the ground but Skinny got back up and continued fighting after being temporarily knocked out of his senses. YBN Almighty Jay then caught him with a straight right that put him down for even longer. Again Skinnyfromthe9 got up off the ground, and the fight was eventually broken up.

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